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Pipeline Safety Survey

Community Utilities Survey

1) In the last two years have you seen or heard anything from Community Utilities relating to pipeline safety? Yes or No

1a) What was the source of the information: (check all that apply)

1b) How many times did you see information on pipeline safety in the last year?

2) Have you or anyone in your household tried to receive any information on pipeline safety in the last 12 months? (Yes or No)

2a) If yes, where did you try? (check all that apply)

3) Do you live close to a petroleum or gas pipeline?

3a) If yes, where is it (or how close do you live to it)?

4) What would you do if you were the first to see damage to the pipeline? (check all that apply)

5) What would you do if you saw someone intentionally trying to damage a pipeline? (check all that apply)

6) Have you ever called a pipeline operator, 911, or anyone else to report suspicious or worrisome activity near a pipeline? (Yes or No)

6a) If yes, what did you report?

7) Have you or has anyone in your household (or company if a business) ever encountered a damaged pipeline or product released from a pipeline? (Yes or No)

If yes, what did you do?

8) Have you ever passed information about a pipeline to someone else? (Yes or No)

If yes, what information and to whom?

9) Has anyone in your household or have nearby neighbors ever had any injuries or damages associated with a pipeline break or spill? (Yes or No)

9a) If yes, describe event?

10) Do you agree or disagree that your local pipeline operator has been doing a good job of informing people like you about pipeline safety?